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We will provide you a complete service to manage your all property.

Fabrice Zuber is the owner and managing director of his family business in Hua Hin that solely deals with rare and unique aged furniture. Their store is located on Petschkasem Road slightly South of Market Village and Bangkok Hospital with a brilliant display of their wares including seating arrangements, cupboards and chests. Most of these pieces are more than 80 years old and were handmade, which in return make them precious and rare.

Fabrice Zuber
Managing Director, Touch of Life

For media inquiries, please contact:
Fabrice Zuber
Tel: 083 312 0063 or 032 533 525
Email: touch-of-life@infomaniak.ch,
visit our website: http://www.tol-services.com

Our Services Include:

» House Maintenance
» Gardening
» Pool Cleaning
» House Cleaning
» Construction Work
House Maintenance

Call us for all home renovation & residential maintenance services. We have experts ready to handle all interior and exterior projects, including remodeling.

Pool Cleaning

We may also provide full Pool cleaning services for keeping your pool sparkling clean.
We offer weekly or monthly pool cleaning and minor repair services to keep your pool up, running and ready for belly flops at all times

House Cleaning

TOL provides property care management, house cleaning and maintenance services for vacation homes and vacation rentals in Hua Hin


TOL providing professional in routine garden maintenance, grounds maintenance, landscaping and planting a rooftop.

Construction Work

TOL provides administrative and special project support services to work construction, furniture build-in or interior , pool and garden.
We are responsible for providing frontline customer service and for performing administrative  or major responsibilities of project assistant.

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please contact us : Fabrice Zuber

Tel: 083 312 0063 or 032 533 525

visit us at www.tol-services.com

Email: touch-of-life@infomaniak.ch,

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